NJ.com writer Peter Genovese, went and ranked the 33 best BBQ joints in the state of New Jersey, with two local establishments making the cut.

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This is for traditional southern barbecue, and these two places are a cut above when it comes to southern New Jersey,

Coming in at No. 22 on the overall list of 32 BBQ joints is Henri's Hotts Barbecue, located in Folson, which is described as a "low-key shack serving BBQ & American classics including steaks, sandwiches & burgers."

"Maybe my most embarrassing food moment ever happened at Henri’s Hotts Barbecue, when I asked for all white meat on my whole fried chicken here. “Sir, there’s no such thing as all white meat on a whole chicken,” the owner said, harumphing. “When you find it, let me know.” My excuse: It was the end of a long day, and I had done a lot of eating and driving. Excellent ribs, the pulled pork is the real deal, and the sides may be the heftiest of any barbecue joint in the state. And that fried chicken is the best I’ve had in a long while."

I recently ranked them as one of the best burgers in South Jersey and now they are being recognized for their delicious BBQ - translation?  The food is worth the drive!

Next up, ranking just outside the Top 10 at No. 11, is Back Bay BBQ on the Longport boulevard right before you enter Somers Point from the island, which is technically Egg Harbor Township.

"Back Bay is a back-road BBQ joint with a nice little outside patio. Back Bay has maybe the best dry-rubbed ribs I’ve eaten in the past four or five years. Back Bay is not in Somers Point, as the website says, but in Egg Harbor Township."

Their website says they started as a roadside stand hobby and grew into something more, well they are more then just a stop on the side of the road, they are one of the best BBQ joints in the state!

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