A brother and sister from Trenton and two brothers from Lacey Township are facing charges in two separate investigation both of which were culminated together by the Ocean County Prosecutors Special Operations Group, Southern Enforcement Unit and the Lacey Township Police Department.

(Ocean County Prosecutors Office) Tiemear Lewis

The first investigation which lasted over a month, found 24-year-old Ivory Lewis and her brother 23-year-old Tiemear Lewis allegedly trying to bring nearly heroin into Lacey Township from Trenton.

Investigators found nearly 350 dosage units of heroin among the Lewis siblings along with an unknown amount of marijuana after locating their 2015 Dodge Journey Friday afternoon of last week.

Following a search of the vehicle both Ivory and Tiemear Lewis now face drug related charges amounting to Possession of Heroin, and Possession of Heroin under on half ounce with intent to distribute.

(Ocean County Prosecutors Office) Ivory Lewis

Their bail was set at $40,000 at the Ocean County Jail wiht no ten percent.

The second lengthy investigation by Prosecutors and Police uncovered a pair of brothers allegedly trying to sell heroin in Lacey Township.

Joseph Sinopoli, 23 and his brother Casey Sinopoli, 21 now face charges on Possession of Heroin and Possession of Heroin under one half ounce with intent to distribute.

The Ocean County Regional SWAT Team aided in the second investigation as a no knock search warrant was used for the Sinopoli brothers where nearly 250 bags of heroin, an unknown amount of marijuana, and other drug related items were found at their Lanoka Harbor home last week.

Both men were later released.