The forecast for the weekend is looking really good!  Now that the taxes are done, I'll have free time to tend to some house stuff.  It feels like a good time to be outdoors.  Gardening.   But the problem is, I've never really gardened before.

In fact, I have a history of killing plants, unintentionally of course.  So going into this weekend challenge, I'll admit I'm feeling a bit insecure.  But it's not too late to teach an old dog new tricks so if I want to try my hand at gardening, I should do it, right?

Maybe you can help me, and the other WOBM listeners who might be in a similar situation.  What tips can you offer for a beginning gardener?  What's something easy to plant, that has a high chance of survival?  In my backyard I have some sunny spots and some shady areas so I'll take whatever recommendations you can offer!

But before that, there's some cleanup that needs to get done.  What does it mean when people say you have to "prepare the soil?"

Thanks for posting in the Comments section any tips on helping turn this brown thumb green!

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