turn signal
(Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

We all have driving pet peeves and most of us have several if not many of them.

On a day when your pet peeve might be how people drive in the snow I have one that is 24/7 and just gets under my skin to the point of almost no return.  It’s one that regularly gets me on the verge of road rage but of course as a rational grown-up I know better.  So what is it that sets me off?


Come on I know it’s happened to you many times.  The vehicle in front of you is driving along and all of a sudden the brake lights go on so they can make a turn.

No warning, no signal and no time for you to do anything but jam on the brakes.

There are different variations of the directional misuse, like the driver who slows down and is looking for a street.  On and off their brakes, speed up, slow down and finally the turn, without the signal of course.

There is also the driveway abuser who hits the brakes to turn in their own driveway and never considers using a turn signal to let those behind them know.

Let’s not forget the parking lot troller who never puts their directional on when pulling into a spot even as you come from the opposite direction and have them cut right in front of you.

That’s not all. How about the Parkway or Turnpike low-life who goes from lane to lane without any notice or use of their turn signal.  This can even be more dangerous because they are doing so at 70 miles per hour and put other drivers at risk.  And last but not least for now is the person who forgets to turn their signal OFF which I’ve never quite understood.  Mile after mile on the highway with the blinking signal on as they go straight….RRRRR!

Using a turn signal is not an option, it’s the law.  It’s also courtesy for other drivers to know of your intentions but of course courtesy on the roadways is often overlooked.


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