I had noooo idea.  I just learned some mind blowing facts about turkeys and it is making me question things...

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Apparently, turkeys are actually affectionate like dogs, they are highly intelligent and have unique personalities. I found out that the female turkeys love to cuddle and they actually purr when they are happy?  They purr...come on! I can't eat anything that purrs!

Purring turkey Photo credit: The Gentle Barn
Purring turkey
Photo credit: The Gentle Barn

If they trust you they will even fall asleep in your lap. That's not all...turkeys live like we do...they have tight-knit families that form lifelong social units.

Cuddling turkey Photo credit: The Gentle Barn
Cuddling turkey
Photo credit: The Gentle Barn
Affectionate turkey Photo credit: The Gentle Barn
Affectionate turkey
Photo credit: The Gentle Barn
Photo credit: The Gentle Barn
Photo credit: The Gentle Barn

Holy crap, I feel really bad now but there is something that we can do. Instead of eating turkey, there's an animal rescue called The Gentle Barn that is asking people to become a "turkey guardian" on Thanksgiving.  I did not realize that 47,000,000 of these guys are killed for Thanksgiving every year.  If you want to be a hero to a turkey there are specific birds with specific stories that you can help...

Like "Sun" who is living in sanctuary at a California farm. Sun was rescued with her four sisters who had seen other turkeys slaughtered right in front of them and were waiting for the same fate. After volunteers earned her trust with treats, they were able to save her. You can also support Heather who lives at the Tennessee location. She was severely mistreated, lived in horrible conditions and didn't know kindness at the beginning of her life, but now is treated like family.

Wow, this just got real for me. Did I mention they purr?

To learn more, please visit turkeyguardian.org. Also check out the hashtag #turkeyguardian on social media to see what surprise celebrity guests will be showing their support, and how you can, too! Be a hero and save a life.

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