It was an amazing morning to wake on Thanksgiving and find TURKEYS! Everywhere


So first off... Happy Thanksgiving! I'm truly blessed for our family and friends and my "radio" family too! I am thankful for each day with all of you. My best to all the families in our area affected by Hurricane Sandy and I hope a speedy return to your lives for you :) Also a Happy Thanksgiving to all our Men and Women serving our Nation!

So this morning I was going out to get something from my car when I was completely surprised to see a turkey running around my car! Yes a turkey on Thanksgiving, how ironic - dont ya think! Then as i went to get my camera another popped out ! The another turkey ! I am infested with TURKEYS! Everywhere .....Was I on candid camera ?  ( AKA Punked ) We feed them bread, although we then realised we were possibly "stuffing" them lol


No Turkeys were harmed making this video! lol
Happy Thanksgiving and see you Black Friday at the Ocean County Mall in Toms River for our BIG Toy Drive :)

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