I have vowed, at least to myself to be a more positive person.  What I went through medically this fall was life-changing in that it made me realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed…really the only sure thing is right now.

However as we look around us it is very hard to be optimistic at times.  The COVID crisis is something we will likely be dealing with for the foreseeable future but that’s not the cause of my pessimism because there are so many other things that leave me shaking my head in disgust.

I happen to be among the minority who watches the TV news on a daily basis and there is not a night that goes by in which my wife or I don’t utter something like “what is wrong with this world?” Many people tell me that don’t follow the news because they don’t want to be depressed but I’d rather be informed.  With that said I can tell you the single biggest issue today is simply man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.

Maybe living where we do we’re almost spoiled that each day is not filled with stories of gun violence, armed robbery, vandalism, assault and even murder.  It’s not quite like it was 40 or so years ago when nobody thought about locking their doors or even cars at night.  The age of innocence even here is long gone but compared to what happens on a daily basis in other places we are still somewhat fortunate.

It is sometimes difficult to be optimistic and positive with all that surrounds us but as a parent or even a grandparent you have to find reasons to smile for the little ones in your life.  Hopefully they can fix what we have screwed up.

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