It's been interesting to talk to people about their summer plans.  Of those who are going somewhere on vacation, there are some will head towards a new destination, while others are going to the same place they go every year.

Though I have some favorite spots that I sometimes return to, I generally like to explore new places when I travel.  I have this feeling that the world is so big and there are so many exciting and wonderful things to experience, that I'd like to see and do all that I can.  But I totally get the folks who return to the same place.  Being in a familiar environment is comforting.  Planning a week at a place you know is less stressful than trying to make arrangements in a foreign land.  And I imagine it's really fun to see your summer friends each year...the people who, like you, rent the same house or go to the same resort at the same time each year.  It must be awesome to have vacation reunions and hang out at your favorite beach or ice cream shop.

So if you are someone who likes to get away for summer vacation, which way do you lean?  Are you going after the new experiences?  Or going to what's tried and true?

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