Tried and True or Exploring New?
It's been interesting to talk to people about their summer plans.  Of those who are going somewhere on vacation, there are some will head towards a new destination, while others are going to the same place they go every year.
Though I have some favorite spots that I sometimes return to, I g…
New Pepsi Fire!
It debuts Monday and it's the latest "Pepsi" soft drink .... it's Pepsi "Fire". This latest soda is a new take on traditional Pepsi with a "cinnamon" twist! Its "hot" Pepsi using cinnamon as the flavor to give it a kic…
New Restaurant In Brick
It seems like Brick has been a hotbed of restaurant openings in the past year or so. With Red Robin and Chick-Fil-A being the latest entries into the Route 70 restaurant scene, Brick locals will be getting another option in only about two weeks.