Toys 'R' Us closed in Toms River and surrounding stores in New Jersey and everywhere after filing bankruptcy in 2017 and closing all stores in 2018.

According to, Toys 'R' Us is making a comeback. Its been several years since filing bankruptcy and toy giant is planning on opening 24 stores nationwide.

Here's the catch, Toys 'R' Us will only be in airports and on cruise ships beginning in 2024. The first Toys "R" us will open in the busiest airport in America at Dallas Fort Worth Airport and the world's second busiest airport in Texas.

Toys 'R' Us is hoping that before you hop in a plane you will shop for your favorite toy brands and exclusive regional merchandise from the new Toys 'R' Us airport store.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Toys 'R' Us did team up with Macy's last summer to sell the Toys 'R' Us brand online only.

Toys 'R' Us in Ocean County, NJ...

Toys 'R' Us partnered with Macy's and not just online anymore. In each Macy's throughout the country. Some of the stores will be larger, some will be smaller. We have a Macy's in the Ocean County Mall, and a Toys 'R' Us pop-up store in there.

I think we all felt sad when Toys 'R' Us closed. I have not been to Toys 'R' Us for years before it closed, but it's the memories of going to a giant toy store when we were younger, it was all we needed.

I remember after my divorce, just taking my daughter to Toys 'R' Us if she was sad, not buying anything just walking around and playing with things in the store.

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