They don't save all the scary movies for a Halloween release, so why wait until next fall to feel a good thrill?

If you're always down for a good spook, good thing you live within the vicinity of the South Jersey region. In case you weren't aware, South Jersey's actually home to some of the creepiest places in the state. Paranormal enthusiasts, adventure seekers, even people who just enjoy a good scare will find that South Jersey has a lot to offer in that area of entertainment. From old prisons to haunted taverns, heck, even a natural landscape is rumored to be riddled with paranormal and supernatural activity.

The place we're highlighting today is the old Whitall House that sits on the property of the Red Bank Battlefield just up the Atlantic City Expressway in Gloucester County. The house is right on the Delaware riverfront. You can literally see Philadelphia right across the river. The legendary Revolutionary War battle, the Battle of Red Bank, took place right in the field to the right of the house.

The structure was reportedly built in 1748, but was used as a hospital for the wounded during the Revolutionary War days. Knowing that fact, it's not hard to imagine what kind of weird and strange occurrences have been rumored to have happened there. One group of paranormal investigators experienced all kinds of phenomena associated with the paranormal. One of the investigators described feeling the pressure all throughout her body that's sometimes felt in the presence of paranormal energy. Another investigator claims she felt something grab her arm.

Also, apparently there can be what looks like children spotted throughout the house. Creepy stuff!

The Whitall House is open for tours. All that information can be found on the house's Facebook page HERE.


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