Ocean County has tons of great offerings: the beach, great restaurants and activities to keep even the most ambitious person busy.  One drawback?  The traffic - especially when the summer season kicks in and the roads start backing up.  Though you are bound to hit some type of traffic no matter where you travel, here are my Top 5 Worst Intersections in Ocean County.


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    Route 37 & Route 166 in Toms River

    Just off Parkway Exit 82 heading toward Seaside, this is the vortex where vacationers, locals and people just trying to get to work all collide in a mess of red lights and horns.  Cars getting stuck in the "box" because they had to inch their way forward on a yellow light is all too common and further complicates the situation.

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    Route 37 & Hooper Avenue in Toms River

    For those traveling east on Route 37 that need to make a left onto Hooper, there are few jug handles more aggravating than this one.  Looping behind the Wawa, Donovan Catholic High School and finally making a right onto the usually backed-up Hooper Avenue - it's a slow, scenic tour and often an additional 10 minutes of travel time whenever traversing this path.

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    Chambersbridge Road & Route 70 in Brick

    I long for the days when making a left hand turn was as simple as turning left.  Of course, we know the drill in New Jersey, but when there are no signs for a jug handle either, what to do?  For this traffic nightmare, you go straight and make a left at the NEXT intersection at Brick Boulevard.  Of course, there's a chance that will take you too far east and you will miss your destination.  Most locals know what to do here, but when the uninitiated come to town - watch out!

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    Route 9 & County Line Road in Lakewood

    I chose this specific intersection, but really I could have chosen every intersection along Route 9 in Lakewood.  The amount of traffic and unpredictability of vehicles pulling out, changing lanes and making unexpected turns can turn into a traumatic experience for even the most seasoned of drivers.

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    Route 70 & Route 88 in Brick

    It's not so much the traffic itself for this intersection, but the seemingly infinite amount of outcomes that could occur here.  Just looking at the aerial view of this makes my head spin!  I've gone through this intersection hundreds of times and I'm still never 100% certain I'm doing the right thing.

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