As I walked around the corner from the WOBM offices to grab lunch just a little while ago, I encountered a sad sight. Downtown Toms River's Meanbean Burritos & Beyond has closed.

Meanbean became my go-to lunch stop when I wanted to enjoy a nice day and take a walk to grab lunch.

They were putting out great homemade food, even down to the empenadas that the owner's mother was making one by one (if you didn't make it early enough, you'd have to try again the next day!).

But sadly, things didn't work out, and the location which was the Java Joint before that, is once again vacant.

I've been in touch with the owner of Meanbean, and I'll be sure to post updates on their future endeavors!


Up next - Check out our sampling from one of the favorite food trucks around, Oink & Moo BBQ:


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