Residents in Toms River are taking part in something pretty cool.

Toms River Mayor Hill is asking every resident in Toms River to be a part of something big. Something that is helping the environment and you could win. It would be really neat if Toms River won, nationally.

Sue Moll
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The Mayor is asking residents to make a commitment to conserve water and cut pollution while competing in this fantastic competition across the country, according to the

Residents in Toms River are asked to sign a pledge and towns that have the highest number could win lots of prizes for their town. You could win $3,000 for a resident to pay for utilities for a year. Also, a community grand prize of a 2020 Toyota Hybrid for one lucky nonprofit nominated by town residents.

Here's how it all works:

  • Residents go to
  • Take a 4-step conservation pledge on behalf of the township
  • See township's current standings
  • Encourage their friends to take part

The National Mayor's Challenge is designed to create awareness, promote resource resiliency, protect our watersheds and ecosystems, save on costs for consumers, and save on infrastructure, and operating costs for cities. Mayor Hill is passionate about this, I think Toms River could WIN, sign up now.

Remember to CLICK HERE ( and sign your family up.

"Take Action" now Toms River residents and be a part of something bit. I love this idea. Imagine if we get our family in Toms River, neighbors, and co-workers, Toms River could do it. You're helping out with the environment and hopefully winning prizes for your community. The contest is running until the end of August.

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