Local photographer, Stephanie Wolf Photography, LLC, is trying to help families smile in this time of uncertainty.

Stephanie Wolf Photography, LLC
Stephanie Wolf Photography, LLC

Stephanie heads out each day with her camera to take pictures of you and your family on your front porch. At the Stephanie Wolf Photography Facebook Page- she let's us all know where in Ocean County she'll be that day to make your appointment-- CLICK HERE for more information.

"Front Steps Project" is a family time. I love this idea and Stephanie believes this is a way to make people smile:

Kids and parents are going crazy just sitting at home and this is a way to get them outside and have a little hope during this sad time.

This is an awesome way to help a local business. It's a "win win" for everyone.

She goes everywhere in Ocean County Bayville, Beachwood, Manahawkin, and going to Jackson on April 15th, 2020. She does weekends, too.

Stephanie is spreading love throughout Ocean County and it all starts with family. She thought it would be a great idea to get outside, maybe dress in your best, or matching clothing, or possibly in your pj's with your family. It is a memory you will always have and keep for a lifetime.

Stephanie Wolf Photography, LLC
Stephanie Wolf Photography, LLC

Stephanie Wolf Photography, LLC is a part of the "Front Steps Project". Photographers  around the country are taking pictures of your family while practicing social distancing or "staying home" on the front porch of your home.

Call Stephanie Wolf Photography today - (908) 330-6892 or message her through her Facebook Page.

I was just messaging with Stephanie and how cute is she, she said "I’m very happy I can help families in this time right now. People are stuck in their houses and this gives them a little “Pick me up!” - - - So kind..."Thank YOU" Stephanie for making our world a little brighter in Ocean County.

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