Candy, Cake and Cookies...OH MY!  Tis the season!  How's a girl supposed to resist all the holiday goodies and still fit in her jeans in January?

If your office is like ours, you've noticed an abundance of holiday sweets...OK, an OVER abundance.  Cookies and candy are on every desk, ever counter, even in the studios, where...shhhhh...don't tell the isn't even permitted!

This party, that party.  They're they are again.  Oh nooooo!  Who can resist a sprinkle cookie when the sprinkles are red and green???!!!  And just one cupcake..right? OK, I had two.  And suddenly, everything seems to feel tighter. 

The couple of extra holiday pounds happen quick.  And it's not even Christmas yet!  AGH!

So here is my advice, as we approach this  "Tis The Sqeezin"..season. summer we always manage to take em back off, so have that that cupcake and love every bite...and grab another peppermint pattie for the road...Christmas is about Love.  Be thankful for your family, your friends and everyone else we share this beautiful planet with.

Besides, loose jeans are overrated.  Merry Christmas!