Well as we look forward on our Holiday calendar we see that Cupid's arrival is only about six weeks away!

Valentines Day is 44 days away and if your always challenged when it comes to finding a great gift for your lover, then maybe now is the time to start thinking about a unique gift of love!

I was looking at an article by REVIEWSXP and I grabbed some of the ideas they had on their "best picks" list for 2019....maybe some will be a cool idea for you.

For Her: 

For Him: 

  • Brew House Beer Chillers - If you love him and he loves "cold" beer, then this may be a fun V-Day gift for him.
  • Bucket List Journal - If you love to live life together and travel and experience new things, this may be a great journal for your Guy!
  • Engraved Wallet Insert - A nice romantic theme that will remind him of your love!

Check out all their ideas and see if you find one for your lover




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