There were certainly a lot of people around but this 4th of July weekend just felt different. I can’t really put my finger on it but it just did not seem as much a celebration as in past years which you have to assume is a combination of the coronavirus pandemic and the overall mood in the country.

  • Speaking of which it’s time to stop the unlawful destruction of monuments and statues in our nation. Among the low-lights of the weekend was the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue in the Little Italy section of Baltimore by demonstrators which was then dumped into the Inner Harbor. Enough already.
  • New Jersey revised its laws three years ago to allow the sale and use of non-aerial fireworks such as hand-held and ground-based sparklers as well as smoke devices. What’s kept babies awake and dogs barking lately are clearly not legal fireworks and hopefully with the holiday now over quality of life will return to neighborhoods.  It’s one thing to have a little fun but shooting them off until midnight is simply disrespectful to others.
  • The Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians are likely going to change their names. How long before Toms River High School South has to once again face pressure to change its “Indians” nickname?
  • If I was to bet on the immediate future of sports I would say Major League Baseball has the best chance to complete at least its regular season but I don’t see any way the NBA finishes its revised playoff schedule. I’ll hold off on football for the time being.
  • Does anyone find it strange that youth sports like Little League Baseball can resume but we are walking on egg shells when it comes to high school sports? Just wondering.
  • I left my phone at home this morning. I feel naked without it.
Seaside Park Farmer's Market flier
Seaside Park Farmer's Market flier

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