Fall in Ocean County is officially exploding with amazing vibrant colors, and one group is using the power of crowdsourcing to show you where the best colors are in New Jersey!

According to the live fall foliage map from NewEngland.com, Ocean County is in full-on peak mode right now.

Just click here to check out the latest version!

While it seems like the colors this year have popped just a little later than usual, they have most definitely popped now!

Here's a photo from my neighborhood just this morning:

Photo by Justin Louis

This past weekend I drove through eastern Pennsylvania and even with overcast skies I was wowed by the incredibly bright trees lining the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

So, if you've been waiting to get out and find the best colors, it seems like now is the time to do it. As we know, the brightest of the peak colors won't last very long, so grab your cameras and hit the road in the next few days!

Photo by Justin Louis

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