It feels like the weather has been so odd for the last few weeks that fall has kind of just snuck up on us.

But it is indeed fall, and this weekend I definitely saw some trees in full, blazing autumn color.

Not only has the annual color show begun, but the peak time to catch New Jersey's foliage in full color is just about here.

I'm writing this on Monday, October 8th, and according to, New Jersey is already "Partial" to the south and "Near Peak" in the northern half of the state.

Move the slider on the map up a week, and that turns into "Near Peak" in our neck of the woods, and full-on "Peak" just up the Parkway.

Another week past that, to October 22nd, and it's already too late for half of the state!

You can click here to check out the interactive map for yourself and plan your fall foliage road trip.

Where have you seen the colors changing already? Tell us on our Facebook page!


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