Last week my daughter had it, now it's my turn.  On Friday I started feeling it come on with a sore throat and I've been coughing and sniffing ever since.

This is a tough time for everyone.  Everyone that we, friends and co-workers...all have something.  If it's a cold, bronchial, stomach and or the flu, it just holds on and won't go away.  So here in my blog, I'm apologizing to you for coughing and sniffing on the air.  I know it's so not right and I'm sure it sounds disgusting.  My favorite things to use at this point in my cold is Emercen-C, DayQuil and an anti-biotic.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you did not get this thing going around and if you did or have it now...that you get over it quick!  This radio girl is thinking about you and your family, because it's just horrible.

Have you been sick?  Your kids?  Co-Workers ( I know I probably shouldn't be here)?  What's your fix quick to get rid of that cold?

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