Anytime of the year is a great time for a burger.

Is there anything better than a delicious BBQ with friends? We grill in the fall and winter. Well, maybe just maybe one of these five delicious burger places chosen by you from your favorite burger place in Ocean County.

nitrub, getty images
nitrub, getty images

I love when I ask you about your favorite things in Ocean County from food to outdoor dining, you always have the answers I need.

In a recent article from the, seven secrets to the perfect burger:

1 - It's all about the meat

2 - Fat is good with hamburgers and juices.

3 - Use a USDA choice of meat.

4 - All meat needs is salt and pepper. You really shouldn't need any more spices.

5 - Don't overwork the meat while making it.

6 - Grilled burgers always taste better than pan fried.

7 - Always toast your buns.

My husband and I always argue over how the burger should be cooked. I say well done, he says medium rare (gross). That's how I am with steak, too. I know, I know I shouldn't cook a steak well done, but I love it.

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I do have several friends that do not eat meat and really like the meat alternative burger.

So, what's on your favorite burger? Is it cheese? Do you like some amazing things that I never thought would go on a burger? I've seen pasta, mac and cheese, BBQ chicken, and so much more.

If I was to choose my favorite burger it would be, mushroom and Swiss with mayo. That is my all-time favorite burger. When I go to a diner, I enjoy the pizza burger with mozzarella and sauce.

Here are the top 5 burger places you chose in Ocean County:

Top 5 Burger Places in Ocean County, Chosen By You

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