So what is worse, a lack of patience or a lack of caring by those causing you to lose your patience?  Let me cite a few examples that I’ve personally experienced and I would guess some of you have as well:

  • Trying to call a company or business and talk with a live English-speaking operator without having to go through a dozen automated messages. I went through this last week when trying to reach customer service at my local cable company…I gave up after two calls but my wife finally got though after a long wait.  I asked her how she did it and her response was “I just kept pressing buttons on the phone and somehow got an operator.”
  • I’m a fan of using the drive-thru at a variety of food and drink places, especially because I’ve been dealing with back, hip and foot issues for a while. Can we do something about those that are just lazy and take 5 minutes to place a huge order at the window?  I mean there I am looking to order coffee and I’m behind someone who is ordering a dozen donuts one at a time.
  • Those who intentionally violate the number of items in an express line. We are all in a hurry.
  • Many of us seem to use our phones for just about everything. I lose my patience when I am prompted to do something on my phone that is not clear and leaves me in total limbo.
  • Waiting in line. For anything!

I could go on but you get the point.

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