A while back I wrote an article about how a new ingredient in certain low calorie peanut butters could kill your dog. I was overwhelmed at the response, which made me very upset. We should be treating the animals in our lives like they are our children which means knowing what goes into their bodies and how it can negatively effect them.

There are a slew of things around your house that can do major damage to your furry friend’s digestive tract, but what about the stuff that you get off the shelves with a fun and happy looking dog on the front? Some low end dog treat brands have been skimping out on the quality of their treats so they can become more profitable. They are sacrificing the safety of our dogs and it should be stopped and regulated.

I have always heard about certain brands of treats that I should avoid when I am on the search for new treats for my dogs. There has been one that I have always heard to straight up avoid because it gives dogs such bad reactions, yet I still see commercials for it and people giving it to their puppies all the time.

According to multiple reports, and a class action lawsuit filed in February of 2018, some of the ingredients in Pup-Peroni are alleged to have caused major problems for animals across America, so much so that it led to the death of some.

You don’t have to do much research to find out some of the horror stories about Pup-Peroni, you can go right to Amazon and check out some of the reviews.

One user claims that when she gave her dogs the treats they had blood in their stool for weeks, “Once this treat started being incorporated into her diet, there started to be blood in her stool,” the user named Julio wrote. “Sure enough, after discontinuing the treat, no more blood.”

A user named Olivia writes that her dog had several life threatening complications when she gave her dog the treats, “Once I saw the blood, I called the vet's emergency center.” She mentions that she checked everything, including the expiration date on the bag, and everything checked out to be okay. In a lengthy post, she mentions that her dog began to have breathing problems, “She lifted her head and looked at me a moment, then after a couple seconds, her back arched as she threw her head back, and she stopped breathing.”

I have found dozens and dozens of articles on the internet that allege Pup-Peroni and low end brands like it are horrible for dogs.

But why?

It all come from the ingredients that are added to the treats.

Pup-Peroni lists Butylated Hydroxyanisole as an ingredient. This is a cancer-causing chemical to humans, it is likely to do the same to other mammals — like dogs. Dogs are also no supposed to have garlic. Garlic has been found to cause gastrointestinal distress, which is likely the culprit of the user’s experiences above. Of course if Garlic and some of these other ingredients are used in a sparing way, then there should not be any problems. The issue, though, is that it is not mentioned.

What treats do you usually avoid for your furry friend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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