Do You have a roadway that you hate driving ?

Just to maintain what we have, we really have to spend over $2 billion a year ~ Robert Briant Jr., VP, Transportation Trust Fund Authority (NJ Monthly)

I was prompted to write this blog because the cover of NJ Monthly for January reads "Why NJ Roads Suck" and that is pretty much right to the point. In the article some of the "Jersey Shore" roads highlighted were the Garden State Parkway & Route 35. The Parkway has been a work in progress for years now. Southern Ocean County is done now from Toms River south to Tuckerton the Parkway is GREAT! However if your going North of Toms River to the Asbury Park Food & Fuel .... it's a war zone! with lane changes, construction zones, single lanes and pattern changes. The optimistic attitude is that once it's done it'll be great, but it's been a long time since the Parkway was a carefree and easy ride. Route 35 has been undergoing construction for some time as well and gets worse in Summer.

The article sites various reasons for our roadways crumbling

  • Funding For Roadway Projects
  • Increased Truck Traffic
  • Age (Northeast is the oldest part of U.S.)
  • Dense Population

What roadway do you think is worst here at the Jersey Shore? Add comments below.



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