Some of you who follow me on Facebook are likely well aware that my son got married over the weekend so this is a bit of old news but please bear with me because next to my children being born I think this was the single greatest moment I’ve experienced as a parent.

Brandon and the former Jill Martino were engaged for 21 months so wedding planning and talk has been front and center for a long time.  Let’s be honest, the father of the groom is not necessarily a prime time player in the process but I’d like to think I was more than just along for the ride.

I was enthusiastic and supportive (at least most of the time) although my efforts paled in comparison to those of my wife Jane who was directly involved from day one.  We had plenty of time to get to know Jill’s parents Anne and Mike who we liked from the first meeting and she clearly comes from a large and loving family.

The days leading up to the wedding were filled with anxiety over the late winter weather which made for some added stress.  The weekend began with Jane and I hosting a rehearsal dinner for some 69 family and friends at the Hudson Table in Hoboken after we checked into the Hilton Short Hills.  There was no real rehearsal but I guess that no longer matters as the dinner event is simply a way to kick things off with those closest to the couple.

It featured speeches (of course I was first) and a pretty awesome slide show put together by my daughter Alex who would serve as a bridesmaid the next day.

The wedding on Saturday took place at the Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge located in the hills of the Watching Mountains in Warren.  The original plan was for the ceremony to be outside but Jill and Brandon went back-and-forth on this because of the rather cool weather. However we got a break Saturday and the decision was made to head outside, a decision that paid off.

The ceremony was awesome and walking Jane down the aisle was an exciting moment. Brandon’s mom looked stunning and I held my own in a black tux (rented of course). The couple exchanged their vows and an A cappella singing group added a nice touch and before we knew it Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Williams were headed to the reception along with 250 guests.

As for the next few hours, well let’s just say I found my inner-Bamboo Bar days from the 70s although my moves are clearly old, as am I.  A great band helps make a wedding and the dance floor was filled with young and old alike as the evening flew by.

Before I knew it the reception was over capped off by pizza to go as we boarded the busses back to the hotel.  The newly married couple hosted a breakfast on Sunday for those that stayed over and we then drove back to their apartment in Hoboken along with Jill’s parents to spend a final few hours winding down from the long but quick weekend.

Monday morning Brandon and Jill left for a 12 day honeymoon in Hawaii and Jane and I are left with memories that will indeed last a lifetime.


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