It's all over social media and rumors are buzzing.

Will Walmart resume their 24-hour store hours once again?

Do you remember when Walmart was open for 24 hours? I sure do, I loved going to our Walmart at 1 am and no one was in the store. Or do you remember when Walmart was open really, really late.

Well, that all changed when Covid hit. Stores and restaurants that were open for 24 hours reduced their hours and closed a lot earlier than we used to.

What are the rumors swirling on social media about Walmart?

Social media was swirling like crazy that all Walmart stores would return to open 24 hours beginning in June.

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Here are just some of the posts on social media:

*"Walmart has announced started June 3rd all locations in the U.S. Will go back to 24hrs," one post states.

*"Walmart just announced that on June 3rd all stores nationwide will be open 24 hours a day," another posts states.

Most locations, including our Walmart stores here at the Jersey Shore, close at 11 pm.

Is this happening, will Walmart ever be open 24 hours again?

Fact Check: Will Walmart be open once again 24 hours a day in New Jersey?

"I work there and I asked my manager. We are staying open 6am-11pm," one person commented. According, to a social media post, most stores are 6 am - 11 pm across the country.

A Walmart spokesperson also confirmed there are "no current plans to return our stores to 24 hours of operations."

I have to admit, I sort of got a little excited about this when I first started seeing this. Darn, maybe one day, again?

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