We live in the most beautiful place to see a sunrise. Every summer we broadcast every Friday morning from Seaside Heights.

**This year we are at a brand new location at the Pacifico Patio at the Ocean View Restaurant brought to you by RWJ Barnabas Health on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk - come by and say, "Hi". And, never miss a sunrise, we are there every Friday morning.**

Lots and lots of listeners come to the beach to see a spectacular view of the sun over the ocean. We had some beautiful sunrises this summer and they continue to be beautiful during New Jersey's summer, fall, and winter.

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Sunrise is a new beginning, a new start to a new day. Forget everything that happened yesterday, it's a brand new start. Shawn and I always say if we can bottle the sunrise up and sell it, we'd be rich. Watching a sunrise is FREE.

A sunrise brings peace. It's beautiful, there's a healing feeling when watching a sunrise, and remember it is a natural source of vitamin c. Sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous along a bay or the ocean.

We have the beautiful sun come up here in Ocean County (except when it's raining or cloudy). Go check out a sunrise, you will not be sorry. Bring the family, they will love it, too. We would love to see you bright and early in Seaside Heights.

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