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We are continuing our simultaneous countdowns of the Top-10 Most Read Jersey Shore Covid News Stories and Most Watched Jersey Shore Covid News Videos of 2020.

Here is the 7th most read Covid article followed by the 7th most watched Covid video on our social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube across 92.7 WOBM, 94.3ThePoint, 105.7TheHawk, the new Beach 104.1 FM and the Shore Sports Network.

7th Most Read Covid Article....Ten People Charged As Lakewood Police Break Up Engagement Party. (14,386 page views), Story Date: April 1, 2020.

The seemingly daily occurrence of a social gatherings in Lakewood Township led to stiffer charges for everyone involved at an April engagement party.

Lakewood Police responded to a home on Spruce Street that afternoon for a social gathering.

Police Officers found a group of individuals, including children, both on the front lawn and inside the residence.

This gathering was in violation of Executive Order No. 107 signed by Governor Phil Murphy on March 21, which banned gatherings of individuals, whether they be at weddings, parties, celebrations, or other social events.

Lakewood Police Officers made contact with the owners of the residence who hosted the gathering and they were charged with Violating Any Rule or Regulation Adopted by the Governor During a State of Emergency as well as six counts of Child Endangerment, each count relating to one of their six minor children who were in attendance at the gathering.

Eight people in addition to the homeowners were charged with Violating Any Rule or Regulation Adopted by the Governor During a State of Emergency for their attendance at the engagement party.

7th Most Watched Covid Video...What Have We Learned About Covid-19?. (2,176 video views), Story Date: June 8, 2020.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic was not at the finish line in June despite some recent positive trends in terms of cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

"It's been a rollercoaster and fortunately we're finally seeing that the slope has decreased and flattened out but by no means is Covid over," Dr. Ken Sable, the Regional President for Hackensack Meridian Health's Southern Market which oversees Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center and Southern Ocean Medical Center said.

Dr. Sable credited social distancing, hand hygiene and quarantine in our communities with helping to get us to that point.

Early on during the pandemic though, as cases were going up like a rollercoaster so was the need for PPE gear anywhere and everywhere and hospitals and health care networks were not only battling the coronavirus but price gouging as well where suppliers were marking up the essential items.

In March, Dr. Sable told 92.7 WOBM News that they were "literally paying 15-20 times the going rate for a lot of the equipment" but fortunately they had people who knew people who could donate and bring over some PPE for medical personnel.

HMH was trying to secure as much PPE as possible at the time and they continue to do so today.

In June, Dr. Sable said they were optimistic about some of the treatments so far for coronavirus whether it's remdesivir or convalescent plasma.

"We've had good success with people who recovered from the disease and have donated their plasma hoping that the antibodies in their plasma could help patients who are infected recover faster by boosting their immune system to fight off the virus as well," Sable said.

There are treatments available and social distancing and hand hygiene methods were helping keep people get and stay healthy but in the long run, a cure will be needed.

"At the end of the day, we either need a vaccine or herd immunity which is a certain percentage, usually 60-70 percent or so of the population to have been infected and recovered in order to truly stop the spread of this virus," Sable said. "Until that time, we're unsure of what's going to happen."

One of the questions being floated around with people recovering from the coronavirus is whether or not they're immune from getting it again.

It's not yet known.

"What we know is that in general, if you are exposed to the coronavirus your body will develop antibodies to it, either IGM and hopefully IGG, which tend to last a period of time but we don't yet know how much antibody is needed to give you immunity and we also don't know how long that immunity would last," Sable said. "So we have to be very careful  until studies show those answers. If we don't we're going to be giving false hope to recovered patients that they're no longer able to get the virus and they may have a false sense of security and maybe not be as diligent with their hand hygiene or social distancing."

Social distancing helped flatten the curve during the first wave and it'll be needed again now to prevent another rise in cases that places a burden on first responders and health care workers.

"We were never going to eliminate the virus, that wasn't what we were trying to do because without a vaccine, active therapeutics that were proven or herd immunity we weren't going to be able to do that but the idea of flattening the curve would let us stretch out and spread out the virus and the effects of that so we didn't overwhelm the health care system resources," Sable said. "As we start to reopen we'll probably see a bump back up but the key is that we keep that below the threshold of the resources that we have to be able to take care of these patients."

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