As Ocean County officials remain vigilant in their prevention measures to keep everyone safe, a series of meetings continue to be held to develop several plans to ensure the proper precautions are being taken.

The Ocean County Police Chiefs Association President and Harvey Cedars Police Chief Roberty Burnaford released a statement on Friday afternoon detailing their current plan of action.

"In response to the increasing risk from the COVID-19 epidemic, the members of the Ocean County Police Chiefs Association have been working together to proactively prepare for and address the challenges that our communities might experience should Covid-19 impact our service populations.

Our Chiefs and their agencies are actively working to modify and adjust our procedures and delivery of law enforcement services to mitigate the risks to the community associated with Covid-19 while maintaining the high level of service populations expect.

Our member Chiefs continue to conference on a daily basis to ensure that we are working together and leveraging the considerable knowledge and experience of our law enforcement leaders for the benefit of our jurisdictions within Ocean County.

We will continue to work together and collaborate with our partners at the County, State and Federal levels to ensure that we are prepared to effectively respond to the community's public safety needs during this challenging time."

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