Starting the day a half-hour later is something the Toms River District will consider for the 2016-2017 school year.  

Toms River Intermediate East (Toms River School District)
Toms River Intermediate East (Toms River School District)

The Asbury Park Press reports members of the policy committee agreed this week to look into the cost of changing the school start time and transportation issues.

District Superintendent David Healy also told the Asbury Park Press a study suggesting teens more sleep and should start school later is worth looking into, but noted making such a change isn't easy.

A later start would impact 16,000 children and their families, according to Healy, who pointed out a chief concern is how altering start times would affect the transportation of students who attend vocational schools.

Cindy Botwinick, a Toms River parent, has been petitioning for a later start time and reportedly is encouraged by the District's decision to look into it further.

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