About a week ago I showed you some of the strange things that people are giving away for free on the Jersey Shore section of Craigslist. From a used mattress to hundreds of light bulbs, it was an odd collection. But I think I've found something even more strange.

There's an old school "Personals" section where people can put ads out to try to find their perfect match.

But under Personals is another section - "Missed Connections".

Missed Connections is where people can post their pleas to try to catch up with a stranger they missed out on chatting up.

From the guy who saw "the most beautiful woman I've ever seen anywhere in my life" at the Stop & Shop on 37 to the woman who simply said "I watched you shave today", the pages are filled with people getting just a little too creepy for my liking.

I'm talking almost stalker style creepy.

I mean look, I'm not trying to criticize people looking for love. Who among us isn't looking for our true soulmate?

But anonymously posting a detailed description of a complete stranger on a web page that they'll likely never see? That doesn't necessarily seem like the best strategy to achieve true love to me.


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