What's cookin', good lookin'?

Dating is rough out there.  It seems like "all of the good ones" are taken, and the process is much less personal with the invention of dating apps.  Dating apps can almost make you feel like you're shuffling through a deck of human cards, and since chances are you don't know these people, you're really basing your initial interest on their appearance.

But, this information just may make dating in New Jersey seem a little easier.

Zippia puts together fun statistics about different topics to see where each state ranks.  For example, they've ranked states based from best to worst for small businesses, the best and worst states for jobs...you get the picture.

I stumbled across their rankings of the most and least attractive states, and the results may excite you.  Before I get into the results, let's take a look at how Zippia determined this data.

They did some research on people's interests in hair, grooming, and clothing, obesity rates, percentage of residents who are physically active, average income, and STD rates.  The better they ranked in these areas, the higher a state appeared on the list.

Obviously, attraction is subjective.  The above qualities are things society has deemed attractive for years.  If those qualities don't tickle your fancy, it's all good.  And, of course, it's what's inside that really counts.

New Jersey was named the most attractive state in the US!  Apparently, we have a really low obesity and STD rate.   Hawaii was the second most attractive state according to Zippia, and California came in at third.

If you're wondering which states the website deemed least attractive, it was Alabama, Missouri, and Mississippi.

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