We are desperate for things to reopen in our state and country but at the same time must do so in the safest manner possible.

That’s why the governor of Georgia appears to be jumping the gun by allowing some non-essential businesses to reopen Friday and only time will tell if it’s a move with deadly consequences.

Against the advice of medical experts and even President Trump, Gov. Brian Kemp has lifted restrictions on businesses including hair and nail salons, barbers, cosmetologists and massage therapists as well as gyms, fitness centers and bowling alleys.  He has also indicated that restaurants, movie theaters and churches are not far behind in opening their doors as well.

Georgia has just over 21,000 reported cases of COVID-19 and 846 deaths, a far cry from New Jersey with nearly 96,000 cases and more than 5,100 fatalities.  However we have learned it does not take much to trigger an outbreak and if there is a surge in cases in Georgia then a dangerous lesson will have been learned: patience is a virtue.

Of course I say that knowing the economy of our state and region is dying as well and it’s fair to question regularly how much longer we can stay the course.  Gov. Phil Murphy indicates it will be several weeks before he considers lifting any restrictions and while business owners and those who have lost jobs may disagree polls show New Jersey residents are in overwhelming agreement with the governor.

Only New York has been hit harder and suffered more than our state and I will continue to say what I have been saying for weeks.  If you, your family and your friends are healthy you don’t think of this pandemic in medical terms but rather more so how it’s impacted you economically.

However for the families and friends of the 5,100 people who have died in New Jersey COVID-19 is a horror and not to be taken lightly.



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