We are surrounded by some amazing history here at the Jersey Shore. There seems to be a story around every corner. For example, you may have been within feet of the oldest home in Ocean County and didn't even realize it.

The first trick to realize on our search for Ocean County's oldest home is that you are not going to find it on a tree lined road anywhere. At least it's not a tree lined road anymore. But you will find it at a really popular place in an adorable Ocean County town.

If we told you the town, would you have a better idea of where the oldest house in Ocean County is? I think you would. We're talking about Tuckerton, so what's a popular place there?

The Tuckerton Seaport, of course. We didn't realize you had detective level expertise here. So many of us have been to the Seaport, but did you know that the Andrews-Barlett Homestead, located right there on Main St. is the oldest home in the County?

Built in 1699 (at least the original building) by Mordecae Andrews, it is believed to hold the honor of the oldest home in Ocean County, according to nj.com. The structure you see now surrounding the original building as built in 1824.

So the next time you are strolling around the beautiful Tuckerton Seaport, make sure you check out the Andrews-BartlettHomestead, and the next time your wife says she is sick of living in Ocean County's oldest house, you can actually prove her wrong.

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