When I wrote that post, at 6:30pm on Friday, nearly 6,500 votes had been cast and Central Regional High School was holding onto a 7% lead over Manchester Township High School.

In the two and a half days that followed, you all spent your weekends voting, as the vote total was nearly doubled from Friday evening!

So, enough of my talking, who won?

According to your votes, the Ocean County school with the most school spirit is:

Manchester Township High School


That's right, Manchester roared back to overtake Central Regional and win by 5%. The final difference being a lead of almost 600 votes.

Our congratulations to Manchester Township High School for showing all of Ocean County that they have the most school spirit!

So let's keep that going!

While we've been having our Ocean County school spirit competition, our sister station, 94.3 The Point has been running a Monmouth County version.

They've just crowned their winner, Matawan Regional High School.

We now want to see who has the most school spirit at the whole shore, so we're putting Matawan head to head against Manchester!

Remember, the last time we did this with Mascot Madness, Ocean County reigned supreme, so let's keep the bragging rights here in Ocean County!

Vote below and let's show all of the shore that our school spirit can't be beat!


Check Out March's Mascot Madness Winner:


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