A disclaimer first - even though that car says "Student Driver", it wasn't a student driving it when I passed it on the Parkway. Or, rather, I should say when it passed me. Very, very quickly.

Lately, I've noticed a new trend on major highways - bad drivers don't care what they're driving, they're still bad drivers.

Here's where I'm going with this - when I first started as a promotions intern at a major market radio station in my college days, we always had very strict rules when driving company vehicles. Use your turn signals, don't speed, don't blow your horn at other drivers. Basically, be courteous.

In other words, when driving a vehicle with the company's name literally all over it, represent the company in a professional way.

I feel like in the last week alone, I've seen a stunning number of people driving their company cars in a way that certainly would have gotten me fired back in my company car driving days.

Just last night as I was heading home, a car with company logos plastered all over it was flying down the parkway like everyone else was going in reverse. And then it suddenly slowed down. When I passed the vehicle, I saw the driver poking around on their cell phone. On the Garden State Parkway at 70 miles an hour.

And this morning, I grabbed the photo that you see above. A driving instructor blasting down the Parkway at around 85 miles an hour while changing lanes without signaling.

I hope they don't teach new drivers by example.

What really perplexes me about the whole thing is the fact that these vehicles, in addition to names and logos, usually have phone numbers and even websites on them, making it easier than ever for other motorists to alert the company to the driving habits of their employees.

The best is when one of these vehicles zips past you and has one of those "How is my driving?" stickers on the back.

Is this a new thing or am I just noticing it lately? Feel free to join the conversation in the comments section!