We've all experienced this frustrating scenario: being in peaceful neighborhoods across New Jersey when someone recklessly speeds down the road, behaving foolishly and dangerously.

Not only is it a serious safety hazard, but it also reflects a lack of consideration for others. Most of us have muttered some choice words under our breath as these individuals zoomed past.

Well, a similar situation has unfolded in a quiet Jackson Township neighborhood, and one family has reached their breaking point. They've taken matters into their own hands by installing a flashing traffic sign akin to those typically seen on highways to signal construction zones.

However, this sign is unique, as it sits right on the Rucci family's front lawn, delivering a not-so-subtle message that blinks around the clock: "Don't BE AN A*HOLE" accompanied by "25 MPH SLOW DOWN." The homeowners responsible for this bold statement are Joseph and Stephanie Rucci.

Shore News Network
Shore News Network

Usually, when something like this goes down in a small town, it's like opening the floodgates of social media drama. People from all walks of life are chiming in on Facebook, and the comments are as diverse as they are entertaining.

Here are a couple of comments posted on the Shore News Network Facebook page:

You've got your cheerleaders for the family, giving them a virtual high-five with a hearty "good job!" Then, some folks firmly believe this should be a "matter for the police to handle." And still, others are saying, "Can I rent one for my street?"  And others are saying "that it is rude" and "it flashes all night."

Sean says, "People drive through neighborhoods too fast and have no consideration for others."

Philip admitted, "I saw the sign but was driving too fast to read it."

Josh comments, "Best neighbor ever."

Timothy declares, "The day I need to put a sign like that on my lawn is the day the 'For Sale' sign goes up."

Shore News Network
Shore News Network

Jim suggests, "Neighbors should be more concerned about what schools are teaching their kids."

Tom commented, "Regardless, people are going to drive the way they drive."

Lastly, Tom states, "I'm verklempt."

The local authorities have not provided any updates yet, but I'm sure they've received numerous calls and messages. This won't be the last we hear about this.

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