I'll be the first to admit that driving, and New Jersey road issues are probably the topics that I complain about the most. And I was getting ready to start grumbling again today because of something that we all see way too often, when it took a surprising turn.

To start at the beginning, I commute on the Garden State Parkway every day. As most of us in Ocean County have, I feel like I've seen it all - speeders, tailgaters, texters, and just all around dangerous and inconsiderate drivers.

This morning, it was business as usual when a sporty car blew past myself and my fellow commuters at what had to be close to 90 miles per hour.

I openly admit that I was going a little over the posted speed limit of 65, but this guy passed me like I was going in reverse.

Whenever I see that, I always think, how come it's never those people who get pulled over?

Well, just about half a mile ahead of me, I saw a State Trooper car pull onto the Parkway, and the chase was on.

Of course, I didn't know if the Trooper was going after the same driver or not, but it did give me a little sense of satisfaction to think that the driver was probably panicking if he also saw the cop pull out.

Well, fast forward about two more miles, and wouldn't you know - pulled over to the side of the highway with a State Trooper's flashing lights right behind him was that very same driver.

We can debate all we want about the fairness of speed traps and the like, but this person wasn't only speeding, he was speeding to an incredibly dangerous degree. We can only hope that the incident will make him think twice before endangering the commuting public again.