A newly formed Latino organization reaches deep into its pockets to give back to their community. The New Jersey chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Latino People (NAALP) is hosting the first annual Garden State Latino Cultural Festival this Saturday, September 20th, at Lake Terrace in Lakewood.

The highlight of the festival will be live musical entertainment from a number of folkloric groups that represent the vast spectrum of Latino culture present in New Jersey. Organizer's Betty and Jorge Rod of Jackson Township said the groups will represent Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico as well as Andean Music which covers the Regions of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Grupo Ecuador, Photo Provided by NAALP

"Some people tend to just think the Latinos is just one ethnicity", said Betty Rod. We have so many varieties and so many cultures, so we're bringing folkloric groups representing each country."

There will also be food, kids activities and prizes as well as exhibitors from the Ocean County Sheriff's Department, Prosecutor's Office and Healthcare organizations.

"We're the fastest growing community in Ocean County, the fastest growing community in the state of New Jersey and nation. So we just wanted to try to get people together and work together. Basically that's the main thing, work together," said Jorge Rod.

The festival takes place Saturday, September 20th at Lake Terrace Hall, 1690 Oak Street, Lakewood, NJ. Get more information about the NAALP at 1-855-465-2763 email: lunjpr@optonline.net