So one of my favorite forms of exercise in recent years was to walk the boardwalk. Of course many years ago I liked to run on the boards but those days are clearly over.

In truth even walking is not something I have been able to do for the last year or two as I need to have spinal fusion surgery to alleviate lower back pain that has pretty much sidelined me. I will likely have the procedure in the spring.

I mention this because Sunday’s unseasonably warm weather inspired me to get out and take a walk on the boards.  My wife is a regular and to be honest I can’t keep up with her so I went on my own and to say it was glorious would be an understatement.

The mile or so I walked north from Seaside Park to Heights was good and while the trip back was a bit uncomfortable at times the fresh air, blue skies and images of the beach and boardwalk carried me through.

I was not alone as many likely figured it was their last chance maybe for months to enjoy such a beautiful weekend day and if you saw the parking lot just south of the Sawmill you could have mistaken it for a late spring or early summer afternoon.  It was a reminder that even in these awful times there is a respite not far for most as the ocean has an almost magical way to heal a lot of what ails us physically and mentally.

Eating pizza on the boardwalk in Seaside Park
Eating pizza on the boardwalk in Seaside Park (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

With that said let me add a few Monday musings:

  • I need someone to explain to me why drivers who are alone in a vehicle wear a mask. That’s a head scratcher.
  • I promised my wife I would not bring up the complete overhype of Sarah Fuller being the first woman to play in a Power Five conference football game and then the first woman to score when she kicked an extra point in Vanderbilt’s 42-17 loss to Tennessee on Saturday. So I won’t bring it up.
  • My friend Jim, who is a devoted runner, agrees with me that men who run bare-chested on the boardwalk on a 50 degree day are likely doing it for attention. In other words, "I’m in shape and let me show you."
  • Saving the best for last. Some people will start getting the COVID-19 vaccine today.  There is hope at last.
Pig roast at the Sawmill in Seaside Park
Pig roast at the Sawmill in Seaside Park (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

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