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milos luzanin

The election is over and regardless of who you were backing I think the most important thing is to come together as a nation... one nation the United States of America

It seems like the nation has been at odds for years now and now it's time to get over it and move forward in a positive way. We have seen so much division, violence, and arguing that we must now respect the process and remember we are all ONE America.

Can we all pledge to "respect the process" and agree to come together to make this the BEST America we can for our kids and grandkids? We need to heal, literally, from COVID, racial division, and financially. We have a lot to mend and now that this election is over let's do it! Let's put politics aside for four more years and use this time to become a kinder society... I think we all need it.

I have my beliefs and I had my sides which I supported, which doesn't matter but one thing I will go on record saying is that I will "respect the process" and accept whatever this election outcome is and be an American. I think we have forgotten this recently and it's time to be true to the "Red, White and Blue". No other nation is going to come in and help us relax unless WE THE PEOPLE  do it ourselves.

I guess the bottom line is we each need to ask ourselves are we ready to love one another as Americans... it's that plain and simple. It may sting if your side lost "RED" or "BLUE" but now is the time to dig deep and be a better American.

So are YOU with me? Are YOU ready to heal?

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