I was a happy camper this afternoon as I enjoyed my first burrito from the brand new Toms River Moe's Southwest Grill, and if you're a morning person, you could be doing the same for the next year.

It's something that I've been hoping for literally for years, and now that we have our very own Moe's in the heart of Ocean County, they're celebrating their grand opening tomorrow (April 27th) by hooking a lucky few up with lunch for a full year.

They open at 11:00 tomorrow morning, but if you think that you can roll in at 10:30 and chow down for the next 52 weeks, I should let you know that I've heard that people take this stuff very seriously.

I'm talking new iPhone launch style serious.

Like, comfortable chairs, blankets, and a lot of energy drinks type serious.

I can't officially tell you that it's a good idea to camp out tonight if you want to win the Ocean County burrito lotto. But I can't not tell you that there will be a very good chance of some doing just that.

So good luck, and welcome to Ocean County, Moe's!


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