I love checking out new restaurants and trying new things out.

I saw this list of new restaurants here in New Jersey and I had to check out the ones in Ocean County. From seafood to steak, to delicious chicken, we have a little of everything here at the Jersey Shore.

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When we ask what is your favorite restaurant in Ocean County, we get so many responses and ones I've never even heard of.

KazanovskyAndrey, Getty Images, ThinkStock
KazanovskyAndrey, Getty Images, ThinkStock

From the beautiful waterfronts like Water Street or Beacon 70. The calm breeze and the perfect view is a great way to spend a Wednesday night or any day out for dinner.

If it's family, friends, or dinner out with co-workers you can never go wrong at one of our fabulous restaurants.

It's almost summertime here at the Jersey Shore. We have some of the most beautiful spots to eat a perfect meal here in Ocean County, right along our waterfront.

These three restaurants sound really, really good from njmonthly.com.

Three new restaurants in Ocean County to definitely try this summer.

1 - B2 Bistro + Bar in Bayville. There is a beautiful view at this location, right on the water. Live music and the panoramic views are just amazing.

2 - Chomp! in Toms River. Remember Joe-Joe's Hot Dogs, well Chomp! took over for Joe-Joe's. It's all about the Italian Hotdog. Chomp! is located on Rt. 37 in Toms River.

3 - Offshore BBQ in Seaside Heights. If you're anything like me, you love BBQ. Pulled pork, brisket, wings, and so much more. Offshore BBQ is located on the Boulevard in Seaside Heights.

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