On Friday, April 13th the New York Mets beat the Milwaukee Brewers for their 9th straight victory and improved to 11-1.  Even a Friday the 13th couldn’t stop them as they owned Major League Baseball’s best record and as the Yankee’s Giancarlo Stanton continued to strike out a record pace it was the Mets who dominated the conversation among New York baseball fans.

I’m not going to lie. I was cautiously excited over this team because as a long-suffering Mets fan you just know how quickly it could all come tumbling down.

Turns out it only took 20 days.  In that span the Mets lost 10 of 16 games and for the first time since April 4 are not in first place in the National League East.

However that is not why today I’m starting to feel like the good times of three weeks ago might be lost forever.  It’s the reality that while the Mets are better than last year they might simply be an average team that got off to a very fast start and are now settling in and playing how most people thought they would.

Even more importantly they are a team that is not deep enough to overcome injuries and they might have suffered a game-changer last night.

Jacob deGrom is not only the Mets best pitcher but among the tops in baseball.

Last night he suffered a hyperextended right elbow while batting in the 3rd inning and left shortly after that for an MRI with the results to be announced today.  If deGrom is out for an extended period you can put a fork in the Mets season.

Their only other dependable starter is Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey is a disaster and the bullpen is already been overworked.

Anyone who follows baseball knows it’s a long season. The Mets have only played 27 of 162 games.  However it just might be that April 13th was the high point.

By the way on that date the Yankees were 7-7. Since then they are 13-3.  It is not easy being a Mets fan.






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