If you live in Jersey there is a good chance that you love deli and a good sandwich and pickle. There are many candidates for the best deli sandwich and the best deli, so this is a topic that probably has many different answers. I happen to love a good liverwurst sandwich with sliced onion and mustard on rye. That's my "go-to" deli sandwich and I know it's not the most popular but for me...yum!


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I forgot to mention I enjoy a good pickle on the side and there is no better (except my wife's homemade) pickle than one at a good deli. If it's in a barrel then it's truly a treat. Always a nice side for a deli sandwich.


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What is the Best Deli Sandwich in New Jersey?

For us here in New Jersey, according to Cheapism, it's our "cold" very of a "sloppy joe". "Quite different than the Sloppy Joe that comes to mind for most people, New Jersey's famous Sloppy Joe consists of a layered sandwich with two types of meat, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing, all layered between three long pieces of super-thin rye bread that's sliced into squares."


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Where Is The Best Deli In New Jersey?

According to Cheapism, South Orange New Jersey is the place to go and visit Town Hall Deli. It is the "Birthplace of the Sloppy Joe" here in the Garden State. "Town Hall Deli lays claim to the original from 1935, which featured ham and beef tongue, though these days, the one with roast beef and turkey is the most popular. Soups of the day and sides offer plenty of choices."


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