As if we haven't gotten enough honors lately, we have yet another national recognition to brag about!

Recently, Cosmopolitan Magazine went through all 50 states and named the best 24-hour eatery in each one.

Not only is New Jersey a densely populated state, but with our famous New Jersey diners, there are a lot of places you can grab some grub all night long. So you'd assume that the best-of pick for the Garden State would be a diner, right?

Well, you know what happens when you assume!

Not only is their pick for New Jersey not a diner, but it's right here in the heart of Ocean County!

That's right, they picked Beach Haven's The Chicken or the Egg as the best 24-hour restaurant in all of New Jersey!

Of course, the wonderfulness that is "CHEGG" is no secret to us here in Ocean County. In fact, I named it one of my 5 must visit beach and boardwalk restaurants.

So, congratulations to The Chicken or the Egg on another national honor!


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