What we have learned recently regarding an animal by the name of Larry Nassar is almost too much to even fathom and while he will hopefully die in prison sooner than later the fallout may in some cases be just beginning.

Nassar of course is the former team doctor for USA Gymnastics who also worked at Michigan State University and has been accused of sexually abusing and assaulting more than 150 young female athletes over the last 25 years.  The actual number may be much higher as it’s safe to say many of these girls have not come forward and likely will not, hoping to put behind them horrors of the past.

Nassar was sentenced last week to basically spend the rest of his life in prison but that does not end this story at all…just a chapter.  There will be a total housecleaning of board members and officials at USA Gymnastics and much more than that at Michigan State where the President and Athletic Director have already announced they are leaving.

A full investigation is going to take place by the state’s attorney general as they seek to learn how Nassar’s sick behavior could have lasted for more than 20 years and who knew about the many allegations that were made against him.

More than 100 of those abused have already filed some type of civil suit against USA Gymnastics and/or Michigan State and expect that number to grow.  One of those involves 2012 Olympian McKayla Maroney who in her lawsuit said she was previously paid a settlement that required her to keep quiet after several years of abuse by Nassar during her Olympic tenure.

Clearly people knew that Nassar preyed on young female athletes under the guise that he was treating them medically and yet for years it continued.  How that could happen will eventually come out and lives and careers will be ruined…as they should.

Of course that pales in comparison to the lives that have already been destroyed by a monster who took away the innocence of so many for so long.



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