What Is The Absolute Deadliest Road In New Jersey?

This is the question we want to answer. What is the one roadway that probably is the biggest pain in the "tires" to drive while traveling roads here in the Garden State. Do you think it would be the obvious? Are you already thinking of roads like the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, or Atlantic City Expressway? Think again.


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Upon the first investigation, Money Geek gives us their choice for the worst roadway in New Jersey. "US-40 from West End Avenue to Noah's Road, which passes through Egg Harbor Township, Pleasantville and Atlantic City, is the deadliest stretch of road in New Jersey." So the worst might be located in South Jersey?


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What is the most dangerous highway to drive on?

According to the Zebra, One of the worst roads in all of America passes through a section of New Jersey. I-95 was listed as possibly the worst roadway in all of America. "I-95. According to NHTSA's data, I-95 is the most dangerous highway in the United States. In 2019, it had the highest number of overall fatalities (284) and fatalities per 100 miles (14.88). Many of these accidents occurred in the northeast in the winter, when road conditions were far from ideal." Additionally, in this report, I-80 made the list and a portion of this roadway passes through New Jersey.


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According to Bramnicklaw.com, these are the worst roads in the Garden State:

Route 27


Route 9

Route 130


Route 30

Route 1


New Jersey Turnpike

Garden State Parkway

They went on to add "The Garden State Parkway is New Jersey’s busiest highway, but also its deadliest highway, with traffic particularly heavy during the summer months as people travel to and from the Jersey Shore."


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So it seems there are various thoughts when it comes to New Jersey's deadliest roads. However, according to our investigation, these roads may top the list in the Garden State.




Garden State Parkway


Regardless we urge you to drive safely and get where you are going safely and sound. CLICK HERE for some great tips for safe driving.


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