As we roll into Memorial Day Weekend in Ocean County, and the Summer season kicks off, it also means that traffic season is kicking off in full force. So what are the worst kinds of drivers that you can run into during shore weekends? Here are my top 5 worst:


The Left Lane Jerk
"Keep right except to pass" is the law in New Jersey. But if you spend any amount of time on the Parkway, it never fails that you'll have a left lane lingerer cruising along and holding up everyone else. It can lead to dangerous situations when people get frustrated and go to pass on the right.

The Timid Driver
We have a lot of construction going on here in Ocean County, which leads to some tight squeezes. Most of us are used to it by now and can get through the construction zones without problems. Between construction zones and tight bridges, out of town drivers can get intimidated by the close quarters and hold everyone up.
The flip side of the timid drivers are the tailgaters. Those drivers who are seemingly in such a rush to get to their destinations that they almost end up in your backseat to either try to get you out of their way or to speed up. There are few things that drive me crazy more than tailgaters - it's an accident waiting to happen.

Jughandle Virgins
"No Left Turn" is just a part of life here in Ocean County. There are always plenty of signs "No Left Turn", "U-Turns and Left Turns", etc, but there's always someone who either has to sit at an intersection with their left turn blinker on, or who zips over to the jughandle lane at the very last second.

EZPass Panic
Most of us who live here have EZPass to pay our tolls and we move along through the EZPass lanes comfortably. But then you have the people who don't pay attention to the signs and either panic at the last second when they realize that they're in an EZPass only lane, or who stop in the middle of an EZPass lane because they don't know what do to.

What out of town driver pet peeves get to you? Tell us in the comments!